Hey Football Fans!

My name is Collin and I am a HUGE U of M fan! I’ve been watching NCAA & NFL football since I was young and my dad turned me on to the sport.

Our weekly ritual was to make a bunch of snacks, hit the couch and watch the games all day. We always cooked out on the grill for dinner, so we could watch the game from the garage as we cooked.

My dad would invite friends over, they always bought each other rival team products( my dad being a U of M fan and one of his buddies a Michigan State fan). I remember my dads buddy bringing a MSU grill set as a joke, but it actually turned in to a great gift! Once I got older and bought my grill I had to buy a U of M set of my own, I loved the team logo and versatility of the tools for grilling.

Now, when friends come over to watch a game, people are always commenting about my Michigan Wolverines grill set and the awesome food I cook using it (did I mention it has TWO bottle openers).

This new popularity brought me to build this website to share my love for food and the awesome grill set I used to help cook it. Within this site you will find details on great food you can cook with your Personalized Grill Set along with detailed instructions as to how you can get your own Grill Set!


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